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The application vimovsem helped our company in many things, from attendance and monitoring of employees to detailed report of projects on which our company works. It illustrates the budgets of the buildings clearly and clearly. The application accurately warns of the expiration of all documents and thus often avoids the inconvenience that may occur in the administration.


Nordbau GmbH is a construction company that takes care of quality, fast and professional work. We build buildings of various sizes and different requirements. We do most of the constructions abroad, such as in Germany, Italy, etc. Our company is very satisfied with the application I know about everything, save it time and my money, I have an overview of people who are still at work and important information -position by GPS is totally clever !!! No one can tell me that he was at work when it wasn't, I also have control over the holiday and the advances the company pays.

Nordbau GmbH

We are a leading company dealing with liquidation of consequences after fires and natural disasters and at the same time we carry out small construction activities. Over the course of twelve years on the market, we have developed from a small company to a medium-sized enterprise, and with that we have encountered a problem with checking and recording employees and temporary workers on individual orders that we perform throughout the country. Thanks to the I Know About All application, we solved the problem of attendance of all our employees and at the same time I highly appreciate the individual modules such as the Gallery of performed works, the Construction Diary and the possibility of employee attendance and stock records.


I know about everything for us to have information in one place, we have an up-to-date overview of attendance, costs of orders or movement in the rental. The app can do a lot more. We recommend to all construction companies as a means of unified information system. Ing. Ronald Loydl, Managing Director PONVIA CONSTRUCT s.r.o.


Attendance system


  • FAST AND EASY - use the app on your mobile to enter your arrival, departure, doctor, vacation or transition to another building
  • OVERVIEW - hours worked back several years, including money earned
  • ARCHIVE - you always have documents like work contract, certificates and others at hand

Online construction diary


  • EASY TO CONTROL - Work easily, clearly and mobile. Intuitive control, control, inserting of documents, photos or videos
  • DAILY RECORDS - an overview of daily and extraordinary records, attendance, weather, work schedule and more. You can access these data from anywhere, anywhere
  • CLOUD - operating an online construction log is solved on the Cloud, which is one of the most reliable and trusted solutions offered on the market



  • OVERVIEW - you always have an online overview of all assets and inventory items in the app
  • ACCEPTANCE - You can retrieve property and tools from within the application using the code you take with your phone or by writing a code number under which you have the property registered
  • AVAILABILITY - for each item of property you have information about where the property is located, or who is now using it and you have the possibility to call the person in question. Assets and tools can also be taken on site

A smart helper for companies, employees and investors

Less worry

Less worry
  • All the activities necessary for the smooth running of the company are now only guarded by you.
  • The app will look after you for everything else you had to think for yourself
  •  Staff Requirements, Contract Records, Term Monitoring, Certificate Expiration, etc. You all have it in one place with access from anywhere, anywhere in your administration.
More time for important things

More time for important things
  • Stay away from paperwork, reports and reports. Pay more time to real work or rest.
  • The system automatically monitors your business activities from employee attendance, inventory to billing, and mandatory training dates for you. Everything is simple, intuitive and in one place.
Cost reduction

Cost reduction
  • Employees cannot be idle, wait for material or work aids. You are still in control of your employees and their activity.
  • All data about the costs of individual projects and the operation of your company is shared in one application.
  • The system itself monitors the return on investment and the effectiveness of individual projects.