Pro investory


Summary of all the most important data in the application. Simple and clear display.  

Photos and videos

Any of the company's employees who are implementing your project can upload through the photo application. You have an overview of what is really happening on your projects.  


All documents can be forwarded electronically, including electronic signature via the application. You can sign orders, approve more work, less work, etc ...  

Requirements and tasks

You can respond to the requirements of implementation companies, clearly and easily. Everything is archived and everything is so clear. Who and how long he handled the request. You can create individual requests and tasks yourself. You can attach documents, photos, and you can also set a time-out request. The requirement will find it easier and faster to reach the authorized person.  


You can create your project manager. This will automatically notify the application of necessary and subsequent inspections (chimney, boilers, machines, ...), as well as maintenance, replacement and other requirements and needs.  

Online construction diary

Keep track of what's going on at your construction site. What the Implementing Company writes in the construction log and what problems are currently being addressed. You also have the option to periodically update your listings.