Pro zaměstnance

Easy sign-in

Everyone can sign in, whether from a computer, phone or tablet. You have access anywhere, anytime.  


You have a constant overview of what your employer keeps on working time records. How many hours you have worked, advances paid, or how much money you pay to pay. You will see your attendance several years back.  


Constant overview of how much leave you have left. You can apply for a holiday in advance and all from the app. It won't happen that your application is lost somewhere.  

Requirements and tasks

All your requirements, whether material, service or anything else related to the project or your person's progress, are entered through the application. Nobody can tell you that you did not ask for it (everyone can forget). By performing tasks in the application, all supervisors see how much they do. Finally, no one can give you your work.  


You will see your property card constantly online. It doesn't happen that your manager writes something on your property card that you haven't even seen. You take everything in the application itself or if your supervisor adds something to your card, you have to confirm it by digital signature in the application.  

Property overview

You can see the complete company assets in the app So if you need something, you find yourself where the property is located, or who has it on your card and you can call him directly.  


The app will notify you when you are entitled to protective equipment. For example, new overalls, shoes, winter jackets, detergents, helmets, etc ... You confirm your takeover with your signature.  


Were there any news on the company and didn't get to you? It won't happen now. All innovations in the company can share your superiors through the app to all employees and you will be aware of all current changes.  


The application archives all your documents. Pay slips, employment contracts, orders, OSH, etc ... In addition, you no longer need to run and sign, but sign everything in peace, anytime, anywhere through the app.