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 Summary of all the most important data in the application. Simple and clear display.  Reminders of expiration, approval, inspection and correction of invoices. Graph of vacation, absence and sick staff. View employee requests and check employees online at the workplace. Furthermore - documents, requirements, regular payments, OSH, news, construction diaries.


List of all employees with their personal data and documents. Training of individual employees, OSH, possibility of division into groups (brigade, self-employed, ...). Registration of entrusted small assets by means of photo and signature, rental property registration, taking over by means of code in the employee interface or by the warehouse manager.  


Permanent and perfect overview of requirements for individual orders from customers and employees with creation date and latest execution date. An overview of who has handled or failed the request, including a history of changes.  


Checking hours worked and total costs at the workplace. Possibility to generate to EXCEL (basis for wage creation).  


Overview of all projects / workplaces. Possibility of simple insertion of notes, documents, invoices for individual projects and list of requirements Online weather forecast.  


An overview of all invoices with expiration date and taxable supply, price excluding VAT and VAT. Reminder and approval.  

Attendance tracking

It provides a continuous overview of employees' working hours, their arrival and departure locations. The system automatically checks for errors and repairs them.  

Labor records

It allows you to divide the time worked by orders, so you can assign real wage costs to individual items.  

Fully responsive

It adapts to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and larger screens.  


Tracking and recording all assets, tools, etc. Tracking expenses, records and warnings of expiring revisions, insurance policies, contracts, etc. Rental internal / external including contract creation.  


Your employees have constant access to their contracts, OSH, certificates and other documents. This will avoid unnecessary penalties.


Records of contracts, training, certificates, installments, insurance policies, etc. Supervise deadlines in one place with access from anywhere, anywhere.  


Vytváření a evidence skladů pomocí příjemky a výdejky. Jednoduché odkazy a návody na skladové položky. Možnost "brát si" ze skladu pomocí aplikace nářadí a materiál.

Online construction diary

Every day the app creates a new diary page. They can automatically fill in a rated list of people on the project, weather and working hours. You edit only daily records yourself, attach attachments, documents, photos and video. You can share a building diary online for anyone you give access to (investor, site manager, construction supervisor, government, etc ...)  

And more...

Bulk messages and sending news to employees. Automatic document creation (orders, employment contract, ...). Automatic payroll creation. Individual application settings.